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02' Eddie Bauer Seat DEATH (RIP)

Discussion in 'Stock 2002 - 2005 Explorers' started by commandrow, June 17, 2011.

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  1. commandrow

    commandrow New Member

    June 29, 2009
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    Lake Havasu City, AZ
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    02' Explorer EB & Sport
    Well I was replacing my wives 02' Eddie Bauer Seat Belt since the re-tractor spring broke and it wouldn't rewind the seat belt into position.

    I had moved the power seat to the forward position, to access the bottom retaining bolt of the seat belt. No issues with the seat going forward.

    Well when the job was completed and reinstalled seat belt and trim parts were all in I pushed the button to move the seat back into operating position and it wouldn't move. Only the right side of the seat would move just a bit.

    So I jumped on here to see if there was a fix for it. I turned the left side screw as per a thread on seats stated. It worked freeing the stuck seat re-tractor screw. I sprayed lube on the screw thinking that the job was done.

    Well that lasted all of 1 min as when I pressed the button to fine tune the seat position the seat wouldn't move forward.

    So I removed the seat from the truck completely. I put it up-side-down on the bench in the garage for a closer look. Everything is where it should be and well lubricated with one caveat. I can spin the left side of the seat screw by hand moving the slide with ease. The right side screw can not turn with the motor hooked up.

    So I guess the little transmission broke a gear? There is no way I can see of removing this part to inspect it closer. The seat is press fitted together at the front and rear portion of the frame. :thumbdwn:

    The motor is working fine by the way. It still goes up and down with ease and the right side track has power still but the seat just jams when used.

    Anyone know of how to get that seat apart? I looked at it for two hours and determined it to be a press fit that requires lots of prying to remove the spindle that holds the assembly together.

    Anyone know of good aftermarket seats for this truck that are mechanical? I hate power seats...they are always breaking and are heavy with piss poor designs like the ones in the Fords.

    PS - NO power seat design I have ever seen has been good, so this is not a knock on Ford but all power seats in general.

    Thanks - Commandrow :usa:
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