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1992 Explorer Fuel Pump Staying On, No Start

Discussion in 'Stock 1991 - 1994 Explorers' started by ColoEx, December 24, 2018.

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  1. ColoEx

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    December 24, 2018
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    1992 Ford Explorer XLT
    Hey all,

    This post is for the sake of sharing a fix that worked for me.

    I recently purchased this '92 XLT, manual. It's my second Explorer. I purchased a '93 XLT with manual hubs and a manual transmission and that's gone through two starters now and with the new one I have no desire to fix the '93. It's also horribly rusted and has 311K.

    Anyway, this '92 I bought occasionally doesn't start. The fuel pump will just stay on and cranking for any amount of time will not get it to start. Some nights and days it would work, others it wouldn't. It never died on the road or hesitated once driving and it would continue to start and stop just fine as long as it started once. No check engine light or other concerning signs. I replaced the fuel pump relay and cleaned the contacts on the fuel pump and EEC fuse with no luck. Then I read on another forum that someone's '88 Bronco with the 4.0 was having seriously weird issues kind of similar to mine and replacing the EEC solved the problem. I bought a matching used computer off of eBay and this seems to have solved the issue.

    I will update or delete this post if this does not permanently solve the issue.

    Cheers from Colorado.
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