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2001 Explorer Sport Liftgate issue(s)

Discussion in 'Under the Hood' started by msnoname, February 8, 2011.

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  1. msnoname

    msnoname New Member

    February 8, 2011
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    2001 explorer sport
    Where to begin... I was rear ended two years ago, and my Explorer spent 3 weeks at the Collision Center. When I finally got it back, I noticed it sounded like a door was open when I was driving. A few months later, I was going through a high pressure car wash, and realized water was leaking through the top of the liftgate. I should have taken it in right then, but I put it off. A few months after that, the rear wiper blade stopped working and I went to open the lift gate so my dog could jump in and the entire liftgate wouldn't open... only the glass.

    I scheduled an appointment to have it evaluated at the collision center, but they told me not to anticipate getting it back in less than 2 weeks. I should have realized they were putting me off, but instead I decided to wait until they weren't as busy.

    I could still open the glass, and my dog enjoyed riding in the back seat. The final straw: I was leaving the grocery store, and as I opened the glass, the screw connecting the glass hinge to the body on the passenger side came completely out. The suspensions are still connected to both sides, but otherwise the glass is only hanging on by the hinge on the drivers side.

    I am comfortable replacing screws, hinges on my own and I have other resources with the required tools to take anything apart if I provide the needed parts. Any suggestions? Is there anywhere I can get a digram or illustration of the parts and pieces of the liftgate? Thank you in advance!
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