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2006 Explorer 4.0 V6 Engine Mounts

Discussion in 'Stock 2006 -2010 Explorers' started by rentalguy, June 29, 2011.

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  1. rentalguy

    rentalguy New Member

    August 29, 2006
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    Kissimmee, FL
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    2006 XLT 4x4

    This is my story. The explorer is the 4wd XLT with 117,000 miles on it. 4 months ago I had an allignment done and around 500 miles after it was done, I noticed that the car was pulling to one side when breaking heavily. It was due for an oil change and I mentioned this to the shop. They called me to say that the pads were worn down and that the rotors needed turning. I asked them to look at the brake caliper as I figured this was the reason for it pulling to one side. It pulls to the drivers side and so I figured the passenger side was maybe sticking. I collected the Explorer and they said that they 'freed' the caliper and that on there test drive it was fine. 2-3 days after driving it, it started to pull to the side again but not as bad as so I left it. 3000 miles later and it pulls to the side when breaking. My wife won't drive the car anyomore as she feels it is unsafe. I took it for another oil change to the shop and ask them to have another look and they tell me that both front motor mounts are broken and that the upper control arm is loose. The dealership wants $400 for replace both front motor mounts.

    my questions :
    1) How can i verify that both motor mounts need replacing?
    2) How hard a job is it to change both front motor mounts and are there any online instructions?
    3) Is it possible that when the allignment was done, the upper control arm was tightened off.

    Sorry for the long winded posting, but thanks for reading.

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