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4R55E no downshift when coasting -EXP 96

Discussion in 'Transmissions & Transfer Cases' started by Mexplorer, August 10, 2019.

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  1. Mexplorer

    Mexplorer Member

    August 9, 2005
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    Nayarit, Mexico
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    96 XLT

    I have and old explorer which i bought like 13 years ago. It actually runs fine but is not my primary car anymore. Its a XLT 1996 4.0 OHV 4WD. It has the 4R55E gearbox.

    The odometer stopped registering miles at 115,XXX miles, but i guess is now near to 160,000.

    Transmission has been rebuilt 2 years ago, and barely used from there (i have 2 more vehicules). Before the rebuilt i had done pan drops every 2 years with Mercon Oil. Lost reverse one day so i bite the bullet and got a shop to repair it.

    Well, enough from preview.

    When i am runnng normally at low speed ok the streets, not more than 15-20 mph or less, and left it coasting to a complete stop, or almost a complete stop, my truck doesnt always want to downshift to first, so i feel it starts in 2nd or even 3 gear, it feels heavy and sluggish. Once it comes to speed, it runs fine.

    This happen 50% of the time, sometimes it works well, sometimes doesnt.

    Things that i have done:

    Transmision fluid is at proper level. It shifts normally at expressway speeds up to OD, and when i gun it, i have kickdown.

    Replaced TPS, had the original one, i had calibrated at .985 volts. It made a better throttle response but it did not solve the downshifting problem.

    No engine codes, no pending codes, no frezzd frame data, all engine monitors are OK. Engine its working ok besides a little sluggish when starting at cold, just havent checked fuel pressure when starting. Other than that, it is fine, reaching normal engine temp im a few minutes of driving.

    One thing i done was replaced the gear inside the transfercase , a BW4405. It was all chewed up, so i replaced it with the proper one (7 groves or so i guess) . I replaced the VSS gear with a 20 tooth left side, which is the same i had, and replaced the VSS sensor too.

    Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
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  3. ThreeJs

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    February 24, 2014
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    96 EB Explorer 4x4
    Have you tried manually shifting into D2 or low when coming to a stop?

    My problem posted years ago...2016

    "I've been getting an intermittent P0731 code on my 96 EB 4.0 4x4.
    Had trans rebuilt about 2 years ago. Re-used the the original valve body and solenoids except for the EPC solenoid. I had replaced that one prior to the rebuild.
    Problem seems to mostly occur when outside temps are 100+ degrees in stop and go traffic..
    Seems like the trans doesn't downshift all the way down to first. When taking off from a stop it feels like the trans is in the wrong gear or is slipping. If I manually shift out of D into 2 then back to Drive it seems to correct itself but I may get a P0731, Gear 1 incorrect ratio.
    If I stop. turn off and restart the problem most times goes away.'

    "Trans 4R55E. Seems to be a solenoid issue. I can manually shift from D1 to D2 then to Drive and it drives fine."

    I was told it was a shift solenoid.

    I had planned on replacing the valve body with a rebuilt one with all new solenoids.
    2019 and I still haven't changed the v/b. When the problem crops up I just manually shift the trans. The problem usually goes away after I park it.

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