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5R55S Disaster - Won't shift into gear

Discussion in 'Transmissions & Transfer Cases' started by MikalKintner, May 17, 2012.

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  1. MikalKintner

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    May 17, 2012
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    02 Exploder
    02 Explorer with 130k miles on it. About a year and a half ago while the wife was driving through Texas, she reported some smoke and puddling which later found out was transmission fluid. Took it to a couple shops, and both argued with her that it couldn't be the transmission. To make a long story short we moved on.

    Took it to Ford to have it checked and walked out with a $200 diagnostic bill for reading the OBD reader telling me the same codes. They said it'd cost me $675 to drop it just to tell me what was wrong with it. Again, moved on.

    Months following we started noticing OD off light blinking usually after long driving trips or rough conditions but not noticeable problems driving. As this continued, it started to come on sooner and finally we received a check engine light reporting Pressure Control Solenoid. Let it go for a while and it continued to get more frequent, quicker in the drive and ultimately rough shifting and apparent slipping.

    Finally broke down about 2 months ago and did a fluid change and filter change. Rough shifting went almost completely away, but car had a difficult time shifting from 1st into 2nd and it had to be guided in around 2000 RPM with slow acceleration meanwhile OD off light came on almost immediately and check engine light not long after reporting same problem. Order a supposed new solenoid Ford OEM block and followed a nice DIY thread posted on this site this past weekend to replace it. Fired truck up and drove and same exact problem. Still had the difficulty shifting from 1st to 2nd and light still came on rapidly.

    Figured it wouldn't be too critical so long as we continued to baby it into gear being that it has been like this for so long, but today the wife was making a left turn, started out, and due to traffic had to rev it up to 4500 RPM before completing the left turn and stopping at a traffic light. Once she stopped the truck no longer shifts into gear. Towed it home, checked the fluids and still no sign.

    Any ideas? Taking it to a shop tomorrow, but hoping to have an idea what is wrong with it before I get hosed. Still have the old solenoid block. Should I try switching it back? Broken band? Anything?
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