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90 f150 manual to auto swap?

Discussion in 'Street Trucks' started by grizzlyxjim, December 15, 2017.

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    1. grizzlyxjim

      grizzlyxjim Member

      March 3, 2017
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      1999 Mountaineer
      Looking at buying this truck, 1990 f150 5.0 *will entertain any offer* kid has the trans tore apart so It will need a new one, at this point how much of a pain would it be to just swap in an auto trans? Copy and pasted add here for those that don't wanna click the link

      1990 ford f-150 5.0 302. This is my first truck, I didn't have good luck with it. So I drove it a total of 3 times, and it broke down on me... well the fan clutch broke, which broke the water pump, which broke the timing cover... so I had to completely rebuild the front end, this is what I put into it,

      Fan clutch


      Radiator hoses ( top and bottem),


      Water pump,

      Timing cover,

      Timing gears,

      Harmonic balancer,


      Oil filter,

      Fuel filter,

      New oil,

      New coolent,

      New tires,

      Full clutch assembly,

      New fly wheel,

      Rear main seal (real problem),

      Slave cylinder,

      New U-joints for both drive lines.

      New fluids all around

      The linkage from the crankshaft to the tranny has to be aligned. It wont go into first or reverse because of that. So it will have to be trailered *text is preferred* *tool box not included* *new tires aren't on in pictures* *price is negotiable*
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