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92 Ranger, no inj pulse, bad pcm?

Discussion in 'Ford Ranger - Mazda B-Series Forum' started by Tyrel, February 15, 2018.

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    1. Tyrel

      Tyrel New Member

      May 23, 2016
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      96 Ford Explorer
      I'm working on a 92 ranger with 3.0 v6. Iv determined so far there is no injector pulse to right bank front cylinder using a noid light. There is the correct 12v supply to the injector, but the ground isn't pulsing. Checking there is continuity from injector ground to pcm, and it isn't shorted to ground. To me it seems the pcm isn't telling it to fire, but just looking for input before replacing it. Using a dvm, if you check from batt positive and the negative dvm lead to the inj ground it shows 12v like its shorted out, but if you check with test light from batt positive to inj ground it doesn't light up. Seems like the pcm is internally shorted??
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