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93 Explorer AC Repair

Discussion in 'Stock 1991 - 1994 Explorers' started by AustinM, March 6, 2018.

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    1. AustinM

      AustinM New Member

      February 20, 2018
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      1993 Explorer XLT
      The AC didn't work when I bought the car and I quickly realized that it needs more than a recharge, it has a leak somewhere and clutch won't engage when I turn on the AC so I figure that the whole thing needs to be replaced. I know that it has the older version of the recharge port from when I tried to recharge it and found out it had the leak. I was hoping that y'all would be able to help walk me through the process on how to go about fixing my AC system, cause it's starting to get hot again and I can't go through another summer just rolling down the windows!
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    3. Centaurious

      Centaurious Active Member

      April 28, 2015
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      Pensacola FL
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      1994 Explorer Sport
      I wound up replacing all the Hose/Lines on my system as they all eventually leaked. If you can, bite the bullet and do this all at once rather than loosing freon and replacing them over time.

      The Accumulator is nothing more than a catch can for any liquid freon coming out of the evaporator, it is not a Receiver/Dryer. Replace only if rusty. Replace the orifice any time you open the system for major work... they are cheap and are a good filter.

      Get a cheap freon sniffer, charge the system with one can and test for leaks from the condenser, (in front of the radiator) and the evaporator, (inside the heater box) testing with the blower on low AC on recirculate and sniffing the vents. If there is no indication of leaks from these parts or the compressor then your hoses/lines or connections are the problem.

      Pump the repaired system down to vacuum for at least an hour, 2 is better and then leave the system vacuumed for at least 3 hours. If no change on the gauges charge to the recommended poundage of freon and see if it holds a charge.

      Best of luck
    4. RangerX

      RangerX Elite Ranger Staff Member Moderator Elite Explorer

      July 14, 1999
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      Omao, Kauai
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      '93 Ranger XLT 4X4

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