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94 xlt auto hub makes grinding sound when engaged

Discussion in 'Stock 1991 - 1994 Explorers' started by explorernoobie, July 28, 2011.

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  1. explorernoobie

    explorernoobie New Member

    July 19, 2011
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    Christmas Valley, Oregon
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    94 XLT
    i tried getting under the explorer while it was in park and i spun the shaft only to hear the grinding sound and no lock up. (this was after i noticed the grinding in 4x4) when i engage 4x4 the shaft wont spin like it should but that doesnt make sense of the grinding sound. and when i was testing the 4x4 out some times it would engage and some times it wouldnt. im new to 4x4 so please be easy on me for not knowing whats gong on, my question would be what should i do/check/look into
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