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95 A/C Electrical Problem

Discussion in 'A/C & Heater systems - HVAC' started by marragtop, May 6, 2006.

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  1. marragtop

    marragtop Well-Known Member

    April 14, 2001
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    balt, md
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    91, 92, 95, and 2000 xlts
    I have a 95 XLT and the A/C doesn't work at all. Compressor does not engage, and is not locked up. Using a test light, it looks like I'm not getting any power to the plug on the compressor. My Chilton manual says there is only 1 fuse (#18) related to the A/C system. My fuse is good. I was hoping there would be another fuse or relay that could be the problem but according to my manual there aren't any others.

    Any suggestions/advice would be appreciated.

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  3. TWalker

    TWalker Guest

    I'm in a similar situaion but have not yet checked anything electrical. I hope mine is electrical acually.

    Waiting for responses.
  4. Glacier991

    Glacier991 EF Tranny Guru Moderator Emeritus

    February 8, 2003
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    Sacramento, CA 95827
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    1992 XLT
    If the system p[ressure is low the low pressure cutout will prevent the clutch from being energized. I moved this to the AC forum where help and info abounds.

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