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96 xlt explorer electrical demons

Discussion in 'Stock 1995 - 2001 Explorers' started by MsRobyn, May 17, 2018.

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    1. MsRobyn

      MsRobyn New Member

      May 17, 2018
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      96 Exp sly, 72 F100
      hello all, new to the forum, having bugger of a time finding the post that lead to my registering. I need the wiring harness diagram and pin placement color codes would be wonderful as well for the multifunction switch on my 96 exploder xlt 6cyl 4x4 with tilt? I have replaced the switch 3 times now, figure I'm going to have to follow the wires and connections. Then any suggestions on a key off, battery drain, diagnosis starting place for a vehicle that may well just need to get a visit from a priest to have demons removed or last rites said. I don't believe the 2 issues to be related, could be wrong, but the turn signals were 1st issue. And there are electrical malfunctions popping up everywhere. electrical is not a comfy area for me, but I understand the basics. (Wire has to connect to something at both ends, haha). Thanks in advance!
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    3. J_C

      J_C Well-Known Member

      July 30, 2009
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      Florence, KY
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      '98 XLT 4WD V6SOHC
      Check the two major wiring harness connections under the hood:
      2nd gen issues? Try this first!

      Which circuits operated by the multi-function switch aren't working properly, just (both?) turn signals?

      Parasitic battery drain check with key off, is generally accomplished by connecting a multimeter in series with the battery, measuring current, waiting ~ 45 minutes to measure current again (body computer has a timer till the battery saver circuit cuts off to a few tens of mA current), and pulling each fuse to see which eliminates the excessive current drain. If you open the doors or anything else that wakes the computer up, the ~ 45 minute sleep timer will reset to a higher drain state again. There is at least one other topic about this issue in the 2nd gen forum.

      When you replaced the switch did the turn signals work again for a while or still didn't? If they worked again I would wonder if you're buying a multi-function switch that's low quality, but otherwise I would see if the turn signal flasher relay is going bad.

      I'm not certain if this applies to your model year 100% but probably the switch? If the colors seem to match then I'd go with it.

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