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97 5R55E Shift Flare/Reverse Issues.

Discussion in 'Transmissions & Transfer Cases' started by SysIntegr8tor, October 24, 2009.

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    1. SysIntegr8tor

      SysIntegr8tor New Member

      October 23, 2009
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      Mesa, Az
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      Trans got hot and sprang a leak. I changed filter, gasket and put in dex/merc. (trans calls for Mercon V) Noticable sludge in magnet but no pieces. Fluid smelled bad.
      After 20 mi experienced 2-3 shift flare and no reverse. Once cold again trans operates normally. Truck is parked pending diagnosis and solution.
      Do I: Use ODB2 scanner
      - flush trans with Mercon V
      - re-do pan drop and add drain plug
      - add external screw-on filter and/or cooler
      Is it possible that I blew the 2-3 o-rings if the problem is limited to when trans is hot?
      How do I check for plugged vent tube?
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    3. BrooklynBay

      BrooklynBay Moderator & long time member. Staff Member Moderator Elite Explorer

      November 11, 2005
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      Brooklyn, NY
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      88 89 93 95 96 Aerostars
      Welcome to this forum! I've moved your thread into the transmission section. It sounds like the valve body gasket blew when it overheated.

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