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97 Ranger, no reverse & stiff reverse modulation valve

Discussion in 'Transmissions & Transfer Cases' started by KitfoxMike, July 25, 2011.

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    1. KitfoxMike

      KitfoxMike New Member

      September 27, 2010
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      Fredericksburg, VA
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      1997 Ranger 4.0
      Apparently I overloaded my 97 ranger with 4.0L OHV and the transmission decided to quit working a few weeks later. The first symptom was no reverse when I was on a trip to the dump, then problems shifting with the 2-3 flare on the way home from the dump. Like a fool, I pulled the transmission before reading the codes. The overdrive clutches were fried to a crisp. After finding this and replacing the clutches and steel, I completely forgot about not having reverse. Of course when I installed the transmission, I still had no reverse. Pulled it out again and checked the low/reverse servo piston and bore but found everything working properly and the bore was as clean as when new. When I went to pull the reverse modulation valve, it was extremely difficult to pull out. I replace the seals on the modulation valve thinking they had gone bad and were swollen from the fluid. The new d rings caused the valve to be just as stiff as the old ones I pulled out. The reverse band gives good push back to the screwdriver but if the valve does not slide in the bore, it would not give me reverse. Any ideas?
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