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98 pro comp spindles

Discussion in 'Shocks, Suspensions, Lift Kits' started by x0x40oz2frdmx0x, January 3, 2005.

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  1. x0x40oz2frdmx0x

    x0x40oz2frdmx0x New Member

    January 3, 2005
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    san diego, ca
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    98 xlt
    i have a 98 4 dorr 2wd, i also have both spindles (5217 and 5218) pro comp for the explorers, the 5218 wont fit the upper ball joint so i got the 5217's after talking to pro comp for the third time, the 5217s are for a 10 1/4" rotor and i have the 11 1/4" rotor w/ abs. i got tyhe 5217 inch spindle on the truck, but the bearings and rotos wouldnt work. the hub was 2way to big for the bearings and the rotor is also to big, but the 10 1/4 inch rotor doesnt have an abs sensor on it, i thought this would be a quick spindle install and its a nightmare, any help would be great, thanks
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