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98 Ranger Lift/Break Upgrades

Discussion in 'Ford Ranger - Mazda B-Series Forum' started by mgronau, September 24, 2015.

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  1. mgronau

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    September 24, 2015
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    1998 Ford Ranger XLT 2WD
    I have a '98 Ranger 2WD. I recently got my truck lifted at 4wheelparts and got the Fabtech 5.5" spindle lift with coils, shocks, upper control arms & ball joints, as well as the add a leaf and block for the rear. I also got BFG's All terrain 31" tires and upgraded the wheels to 16x8 from the stock 15x8.

    They told me everything would fit so I went and had them order everything and had them put in on. They then told me the 98-00 Ranger models have 2 different size rotors. Some being the 10.25" and others having the 11.25". The spindles that come with the lift fit the 11.25" rotors and me being the unlucky one have a
    Ranger with the 10.25" rotors. The spindles that were made to go with the 10.25" rotors have been discontinued by Fabtech and no one has them, and I cant find any anywhere. (I've been looking for 6 months).

    Initially 4wheel parts said my lift wouldnt work, then called me back and said they could make it work. They kept the same stock spindles, and just used the blocks in the rear, and refunded me the cost of the spindles from the lift. At the time I thought this would be ok, but now I would rather have what I really paid for.

    I contacted a different shop and asked if there was anything that could be done and one of the mechanics said "why not just change the size of your brakes?" And he said it in a why that made everyone else seem stupid for not thinking of this. So I called back 4wheel parts and asked them why not just change the size of the breaks and they told me it was impossible and it cant be done. I realize that nothing is impossible and that maybe they just don't want to put in the extra work for a mess they made.

    I was wondering if anyone had any information on what would need to be done to upgrade from the 10.25" rotors to the 11.25" rotors to fit the 3" spindles that came with the lift. They made it seem that its obviously not something as simple as just changing out the rotors. And what the cost of something like this would be.

    It was a good thing I went down a tire size because they first had me going with the 32" and I wanted to make sure I had no rubbing so I dropped it to the 31". Now without the lift not having the spindles that are supposed to go with it, they rub against the frame and they want me to buy 1.25" spacers to fix that.

    Any kind of information would be helpful so I can get this taken care of or to same some kind of argument the next time I go back in.
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