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'98 sohc won't start

Discussion in 'Stock 1995 - 2001 Explorers' started by carboy400, July 1, 2011.

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  1. carboy400

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    April 26, 2011
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    Its a 98 sohc 4x4 with 150K. Driving along and I heard it pick up a miss, continued to try and get home but lost more cylinders to where it barely ran. Left it for dead till I could return with a trailer and get it home. Unfortunately the battery crapped out and I lost the codes. It will not start, has fuel pressure, has spark. I have found that I get no KOEO voltage at the cam position sensor. I checked the VPWR and Sig RTN both ohm out good and are not shorted. I tested directly off the ECM on pin 85 and get no voltage. Is this the ECM being fried or does alldata have it wrong, is voltage only present after another event? ie... crank signal (which I checked and is good). I want to swap ECM's but the stupid PATS system doesn't make this easy.
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