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A/C Clutch vs Compressor

Discussion in 'Stock 1995 - 2001 Explorers' started by rbg15, June 22, 2015.

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    1. rbg15

      rbg15 New Member

      January 8, 2015
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      95 Explorer Eddie Bauer
      I have a '95 Eddie Bauer 4WD. Everything runs great on it, except the A/C won't work. The clutch won't engage at all on its own, and when I manually engage it using a lead from the battery, it makes a horrendous noise and the engine shuts off. I have no idea as to whether this could be the clutch, or the compressor itself. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!!!
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    3. SoHK_alumni

      SoHK_alumni Active Member

      July 29, 2014
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      Tampa, FL
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      5.0 V8 2002 Ranger
      Gotta say, if it were the clutch, it'd probably make noise when ever the engine was turning over.

      That it only makes the noise when the clutch rotating the compressor very strongly suggests the compressor is toast.

      Given the noise, I'd think a new compressor, a thoroughly flushed condenser, a new orifice tube and a new accumulator/drier will all be in order.

      Even with flushing the condenser, I'd not be surprised if the orifice tube clogs up after use.
    4. koda2000

      koda2000 Explorer Addict

      September 2, 2011
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      They do sell in-line a/c filters. Probably a good idea.
    5. ranger7ltr

      ranger7ltr Elite Explorer

      November 17, 2001
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      Great State of Texas
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      1999 Sport
      Flushing the condenser is not really effective...

      Especially if the orifice tube is covered in aluminum and/or burned oil from a compressor run without oil... Flushing almost never removes all the particles or the hardened crap from a burned compressor...That is what can happen with someone using an "A/C fix in a can" or death kit to recharge the system...

      If the compressor is fried and I suspect it is, do yourself a big favor and replace the condenser if you are working on this system yourself or if a shop does it run away if they don't want to replace the condenser...

      You can test the compressor by turning the clutch plate by hand...If you cannot turn it by hand the compressor is locked up...

      Research " Black Death"...Lots of information out there....

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