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a little problem..cause of hard snow!!

Discussion in 'General Explorations!!' started by gensic11, December 24, 2004.

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  1. gensic11

    gensic11 Guest

    this might not be the right thread for this.. but i needed to ask first before i asked my second question... anyway.. directly behind the front bumper (mind you i have a 1997 if you didnt look).. is the radiator (seen thru the lil oval hole in the bumper)..but obviously you know that.. anyway... there is a plastic piece that bolts up to the left and to the right of the radiator and comes down to cover the bottom of it.. nothing real significant for protection.. just a black plastic piece.. it's the first thing you see behind the front bumper if you're under the truck..

    anyway i was havin a lil to much fun in the snow and i went up on some snow and i guess it was a little too packed and hard and it broke that plastic piece.. does anyone know of anywhere i can go to get a new one other than junkyard? does anyone have one that they scrapped from their old ex? i have it rigged together right now with duct tape and a little adhesive (spelling??) but i dont know how long it will last in these conditions.. please help me out!! how important is this plastic cover? i dont wanna take it off but if it's off for a few days/weeks will it hurt much?

    thanks for any feedback!

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