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A - Pillar rattle and brake squeal

Discussion in 'Stock 2011 - 2019 Ford Explorer Discussion' started by 1995E, July 12, 2011.

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  1. 1995E

    1995E Well-Known Member

    July 16, 2010
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    95 + 11 Ex both XLT
    I thought I was okay not hearing any A - Pillar rattle and brake squeal until now.

    Yesterday, after some highway and city driving, I heard the brakes squeal and right away I stopped braking and applied the brake more slowly, squealed all the way to the complete stop. The rest of the car ride was fine. No squeal. What I did do before all that is I U - Turned in the middle of a long road because I took the wrong turn, I had to get onto broken up rocks, sand, with lots of dust and dirt and the front right wheel is where it landed there. I was thinking maybe dust got in there and caused the squeal. It definitely wasn't normal brake squealing I've heard before though. I'm just hoping it was just little rocks or something that caused it.

    After hearing the brake squeal, I went onto the highway to go home, I heard the A - Pillar rattle! It was like plastic tapping 100 MPH but it wasn't super noisy. Just annoying. After I got off the highway it was fine.

    It was 95 degrees out and I hope it was just a rare occasion. Just hope these problems do not persist.
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  3. w1kedz

    w1kedz Guest

    They will persist, there is no fix for the brake problem, and my dealer states they are unable to reproduce it, but if you take it in for the a-pillar rattle they will apply the service bulletin and fix it. the rattle only happens at specific crosswinds, speeds, etc, so if they say they can't reproduce it stick hard and make them apply the TSB anyway.

    Once these things occur they continue to occur more frequently. I have both of these issues on my Explorer, neither of which showed up until almost 7k miles, but now happen every day. I'm waiting for new window moldings that are on backorder (streaking windows) and then they are doing all the fixes at the same time.

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