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AC blows warmer the faster I drive...

Discussion in 'A/C & Heater systems - HVAC' started by GLOCKer, July 26, 2018.

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  1. GLOCKer

    GLOCKer Active Member

    April 30, 2018
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    ATL Area
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    Marietta, GA
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    1998 Explorer Limited
    While idling, the AC blows super cold. As I start driving it blows a little less cold. If I accelerate harder (to pull into traffic) or cruise on the interstate with any speed it blows hot.

    A couple weeks ago we hooked it up to an AC machine and confirmed I was not leaking freon.

    So it's been suggested that the orifice tube is probably clogged and needs replaced. I'm taking it that this is not a typical user serviceable part? I'll have to drain off the freon for the replacement, right?
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  3. Turdle

    Turdle Habla tortuga Staff Member Moderator Elite Explorer

    June 16, 2003
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    2000 Mounty
    Vacuum leak in the hvac system is what is causing this I bet. Less vacuum is allowing the bypass valve to open and circulate coolant into the heater core.


    On heavy acceleration the ac turns off, however the TPS may be triggering this to early. ( long shot)

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