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AC Questions

Discussion in 'Stock 1995 - 2001 Explorers' started by Fat B, July 28, 2011.

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    1. Fat B

      Fat B New Member

      March 18, 2010
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      Central Wisconsin
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      1999 XLT
      I have a 99 OHV explorer. Last summer I recharged the AC with r134a that had a rubber reconditioner that is supposed to stop leaks and a leak detector and the leak detector pointed to the compressor. The leak is coming from between the 2 halves. Ac stopped working again within a month.

      Fast forward to this summer. I've decided that I really want AC since I'm travelling with 2 children in the car and it's been hot out. I hook up the gauge to the low side of the ac and the pressure hits 45, the compressor kicks on until the pressure drops to around 17psi when the compressor kicks off, the pressure cycle continues.

      I've tried to do a little research and found there is a seal (seals?) for the compressor case halves so I'm guessing that's my problem. I went to the store and picked up a bottle that is supposed to restore seals in both metel and rubber but before I put it in, I'd like some opinions.

      Any chance on my super leak stopper working? Or are they a gimmic? I don't want to have to evacuate the system since I don't have the tools and I'm broke. But I also don't want to see all of my money leak out of the ac and I'm out $60 just to start again.

      Any way to rebuild the compressor? Local salvage yard has one for $65 which they say came from a charged system. Any thoughts on buying a salvage yard compressor?

      Thanks for any help!
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    3. ranger7ltr

      ranger7ltr Elite Explorer

      November 17, 2001
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      Great State of Texas
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      1999 Sport
      If you are handy, replace the o-rings in the compressor body and the front seal...

      The compressor body has 3 orings that seal the body and the ends... Forget the snake oil fixes and replace them and you will be good to go...

      Find an a/c shop locally or an a/c rebuilder and buy the oring kit and the seal kit for your compressor...If you have any hoses that are marginal the same rebuilder shop should be able the replace the rubber part of your hoses for a fraction of the cost of a new hose...

      You can use a jy part but it could possibly leak in the same way as well...

      I have a rebuild guide for these and it is pretty straight-forward...

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