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almost have enough money, now where's the best place to buy?

Discussion in '2001-2005 Explorer Sport Trac' started by LONO100, June 23, 2011.

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    1. LONO100

      LONO100 Well-Known Member

      March 23, 2011
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      Bay Area CA
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      03 sport trac XLT
      hey all, im about 50 bucks away from scrounging enough money to get my much needed rear locker for my 03 ST. i decided to go with the aussie locker XD48831, but im also open to getting a richmond power trax locker if i found one for the right price. my question is, anyone know where would be the best place to but the locker? anyone know of any websites that offer great shipping rates, lower prices on the locker, or both? i also want to make sure i get it from a reputable dealer, and i talked to a guy from aussie that told me i could just order one directly from them for 279.00 plus s&h. anyone know if there is another place where i can get it for cheaper? thanks everyone.
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    3. Clusterpup

      Clusterpup Well-Known Member

      April 6, 2009
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      Miami, FL
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      02 Sport Trac 4x4
      Just get it from them directly.

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