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antenna efficiency

Discussion in 'Ham Radio - CB - Trail Communications' started by forbyfiev, April 29, 1999.

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  1. forbyfiev

    forbyfiev Guest

    Hello all,
    I'm trying to do a good install of a uniden grant XL. I've convinced myself to actually drill holes in my sheet metal for the antenna, but I'm looking for the best solution. I can mount either:

    1. a 1/4 wave whip on the driver's rear corner, 7 feet showing above the roof.
    2. a wilson 2000 mounted in the center of the roof

    my question is which would be more efficient? Thanks for any help
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  3. Ray Lobato

    Ray Lobato Guest

    Check out this site. It has alot of good info on that sort of thing. It is part of Firestick's website, but packed full of stuff that will answer your questions.
    In my opinion, if you are going to use a 1/4 wavelenth whip, it should go on the Passenger side. The direction of the path will be pointed towards the left front side of the truck, towards on comming traffic. If you put it on the drivers side it will be pointed towards the front right side of the truck, on the side of the road. As far as the Wilson is concerned, I use a wilson 1000. They are suppised to be one of the best base loaded antennas around, but the Wilson 2000 is a center loaded antenna, and a center loaded antenna is supposed to be better than a base loaded antenna, so you should get out there better than my base loaded antenna. The nice thing about the wilson is, you can mount it on the top of the roof, in the middle. That way you get a better dispersion of signal all around the vehicle as opposed to most for your signal going out towards the left front of the vehicle. Remember center load, better than base load, and topload, better than center load, and full 1/4 wave better than top load, as far as signal output goes. Hope I haven't confused you too much.

    Happy Wheelin'
    Ray L. [​IMG]
    95 XLT 4X4

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  4. Ray Lobato

    Ray Lobato Guest

  5. forbyfiev

    forbyfiev Guest

    Thanks for the responses. The firestik site has some great information, but nothing about 102" whips because they don't sell any. I intend to keep the tip pulled down to the driver door for talking to people that I'm traveling with but I can release it easily while driving for good reception and transmiting. I'm very worried about wind noise also.
  6. Ray Lobato

    Ray Lobato Guest

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