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any big business owners/managers on the board?

Discussion in 'Exploring everything under the sun!!' started by gensic11, January 1, 2005.

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  1. gensic11

    gensic11 Guest

    I am looking to do an internship either this coming summer or next year's summer and am looking into all my possibilities. I am going for a Business Admin degree with concentrations in both Management and Human Resources.. I know this might sound a little odd posting this on this forum but I think it would be cool if anyone here did anything with internships at their company. I've been on the dean's list at my school all 3 semesters so far (3.5 or higher is the deans list) and this past semester I just recieved a 4.0. I'm also on my college baseball team (Division 2).. NCCAA D1. My father is a business owner and i've gown up with that so I know a lot about how to do business professionally. I'm very serious about doing a great job in whatever I do and so I figure it won't hurt to see if there is anyone on this board who might be able to help me out.

    Like I said it may sound funny asking on here but.. what could it hurt?

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