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Anybody towing a long trailer?

Discussion in 'Tow Rig Forum' started by 2010Eddie, January 10, 2019.

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    1. 2010Eddie

      2010Eddie New Member

      February 16, 2013
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      Monroe, NJ
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      2010 Explorer
      I have a 2010 V8 tow package (rated about 7,200 lbs). I currently tow a 26' (tounge to tip) Rockwood 2504S Travel Trailer that's about 4,600lbs dry. Figure 5,600 with accessories, cargo, passengers, etc. I have an E2 weight distributing anti-sway hitch....it's the knockoff of the Equalizer system. And my trailer has independent torsion suspension which is supposedly better than the traditional leaf spring systems. My truck/trailer combo tows beautifully. Handles the weight well and minimal problems with trucks and cross winds on the highway.

      We're looking to upgrade to a bigger trailer....possibly something in the 30-32 foot range about 5,500 lbs (about 6,500 with all cargo etc). I'm not too concerned about the weight difference, but moreso on the length. Does anybody have experience towing a travel trailer this long with an explorer? Doesn't seem like 1,000lbs and 5 feet would make a HUGE difference, but just hoping I don't regret it where sway will become an issue. I will be using the same hitch setup. Unfortunately, the trailers I'm looking at don't have the torsion bar suspension, but they do have the "Wide Stance" setup where the axles are spaced a little further apart....it's supposed to make it more stable on the highway.

      If you have experience with a larger trailer, let me know!! Thanks.
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    3. 96firephoenix

      96firephoenix Active Member

      March 14, 2015
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      Indianapolis, IN
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      2002 Ford Explorer XLT
      The explorer is an awfully short wheelbase for that long of a TT. I've towed that much weight with the explorer (without WD hitch tragically) and it handled it mostly OK, but I wouldn't do it again, certainly not with any significant hills.

      Keep in mind with the wide axle spread, you lose a significant amount of maneuverability at low speeds.

      I've towed leaf spring and torsion bar trailers before, but never even close to the same weight class, so it's hard to compare one to the other pound-for-pound. The torsion bar setup seemed to bounce around a lot less though.

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