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Blowing Hot Air

Discussion in 'A/C & Heater systems - HVAC' started by John Frank, December 22, 2006.

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  1. John Frank

    John Frank New Member

    December 20, 2006
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    Sydney NSW
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    '00 Explorer 4WD Ltd SOHC
    Just thought I would give a little feedback on the problme I have been working on Explorer 2000 Limited.

    And a quick question or 2 - does anyone that has pulled out the a/c assembly - where does the vacuum pipe route through this (there is no information I can find in the service manual)? Hoping to save the joy of pulling the dash for another time.
    Also does anyone know where you would normally go to get this small vacuum hose (none of the local parts stores have anything that thin)?

    When the problem first occured it was blowing hot air through the defrost vent (from memory it was acting a little sporatic just before this). I tried a few things and ran the self test on the EATC and it reported a problem with the sun sensor and the door was not switchig over properly. I could only switch the heat to other areas or minimise it by slowing the fan speed.
    Did some reading and searching and after checking there was vacuum (the air would go to any vent selected) and there was vacuum on the main black pipe. Left this for some time (obtained a blend door for when I got to fix it).

    Started working on the problem resigned to the fact I would be pulling out the dash. Just before I finally did (after I had taken out the fittings) I was able to gain acess to pretty much everything so I though I would test things again.

    After checking things I noticed that I cold not switch the air to any other vents and some retests showed that I now had no vacuum coming in. Managed to trace the vacuum pipes in the engine bay and found two broken vacuum pipes.

    Turns out they had become brittle just where they go under the a/c housing agains the firewall. locations of components on mine are mostly mirrored as it is RHD.

    Result is that earlier problem only blowing hot air was the vacuum pipe to the heater water control valve went first (the actual cause of the first problem I saw) and since then the main a/c (black) vacuum pipe has also gone (right at the same place).

    So it is worth a quick check of the vacuum cables in the engine bay for leaks/cracks/breaks.
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