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For Sale Built 4.0 V6, 5R55E Trans, & M90 Supercharger Kit

Discussion in 'Auto & Truck Parts For Sale' started by Ninjakiwi8, April 14, 2019.

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  1. Ninjakiwi8

    Ninjakiwi8 Elite Explorer

    September 2, 2017
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    Whittier, CA
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    99 ranger xlt. 4.0 OHV
    Hey guys, I am looking to sell my 4.0 V6, 5R55E transmission, and my modified M90 supercharger kit. I recently had the engine rebuilt refreshing the whole short block and replaced all the parts listed below. I have all receipts for the parts as well. 3 angle valve job was done, New Smith Bros 5.525 pushrods, & all cylinders were .030 overbore and piston rings gapped for boost application as this was going to be a m90 supercharged build. We installed a new water pump. Has provisions to run an E-fan if desired (In use now). Intake is a 66mm BBK throttle body and exhaust has BBK shorty headers. The engine itself now has 3.4k miles on it since the rebuild. Amsoil break in fluid was used for first 1,000 miles. Since then the engine has only seen Amsoil 5W-30 signature series synthetic with Wix oil filters and has been changed out 3 times including last oil change a month ago. Parts list:
    • Comp cams valve springs 988-12
    • Sealed power timing chain sets KT-4028S
    • Comp cams high energy camshafts 49-422-8
    • Sealed power steel rocker arms R1092
    • Brand new Heads both ported & polished (gasket matched)
    • FEL-PRO544SD Felpro gaskets used all around
    • ARP Head studs used
    • Speed-Pro Hypereutectic pistons H879CP .50MM
    • Sealed power performance piston ring sets E-613K50MM
    feeling the water on this one. I'm looking to get $1,500USD OBO for the engine. Not sure how much shipping would actually be but would be on the buyers dime. It's currently still inside my truck. If someone is close by and wants to test drive that is cool with me. located in whittier, CA

    The transmission just had a repair done about a year ago and a once over on everything else. still shifts nice and firm. looking to get $650USD for it.

    The supercharger kit was actually modified to work with a 5th gen m90 supercharger not any older generation as the inlet will be a different shape. the 5th gen m90's apparently run alot more efficient because of tephlon lining on the rotors. Only looking to get what i paid for the kit in its original state which was $1,000 USD. Dm me if you have any questions or are interested. here are some pics of the engine before installation
    port 3.jpg port.jpg port 3.jpg port.jpg port 3.jpg engine 1.jpg engine with gasket.jpg engine 2.jpg engine 4.jpg engine 5.jpg engine 6.jpg engine 7.jpg heads 1.jpg heads.jpg heads 2.jpg heads 3.jpg
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