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by by a4ld

Discussion in 'Transmissions & Transfer Cases' started by uncleedy, June 19, 2011.

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  1. uncleedy

    uncleedy New Member

    May 24, 2011
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    thornton co
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    94 limited
    about 2 months ago i picked up a 94 explorer 4x4 4.0 limited prety cheap 850$ i was told the tranny acted weird like the ebrake was on when takeing off once going it was fine so i bought her.and the check engine lights on .
    i needed a daily driver to get me to work the motors top notch never a issue there.
    after 3 weeks the tranny a4ld took a dump on me on my way to work ):it would not move in any gear r od d 2 1
    that weekend i went to junkyard and picked up a trany and torque converter since moneys VERY tight for me i didnt rebuild it i just threw it in.
    i no i no bad idea .
    3 weeks later that 1 also went bad so since it was under a waranty i ripped it out and back to junk yard pulled another 1 and put her in last weekend.
    after 1000s of hours on here i have come to the conclusion that a c3 c4 or c5 would be a better choice for me since i just cant go manual due to wife not able to drive stick with her bum leg.
    iv ben looking hi and low for 1 of these tranys here in colorado but have had absolutely no luck.
    i no from what i have read on many posts that i need
    torque converter
    and have rear drive line lengthened
    iv gotten lost on flexplate and spacer some say use oe and others have said need the one from the trany i am replaceing it with ??????????

    im asking my fellow explorers out there for a little help i wont do the 700r4 its just not rite plus just to expencive for my wallet.

    if you have or no someone with a c3 or c5 please mesage me im in dire need of help i do plan on a complete write up with lots of pics of this project any and all help will truly be apreciated and icknowledged in my write up
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