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can i bypass the egr system completely in my 2001 5.0?

Discussion in 'Stock 1995 - 2001 Explorers' started by jake hunt, July 29, 2011.

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  1. jake hunt

    jake hunt New Member

    March 24, 2011
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    locust grove
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    2001 xlt
    my 01 5.0 has 100000 miles, it has developed i miss under a load, i took it to have the codes checked and it threw out two codes, p0402 said to replace dpfe sensor, the other code was p0300 which is random multiple misfire, i want to know if i can just bypass the egr system completely and disable it, will it run right or not? also my speedo doesnt work does tht have anything to do with the dpfe sensor? thnx for any help
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  3. Turdle

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    June 16, 2003
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    2000 Mounty
    It is illegal to remove any component of the emmissions system. So to tell you how would put the site into a legal position.

    Fixing it will be the least costly option, in the long run. EGR will make your rings and combustion chamber last longer and give you better fuel economy.

    This is not meant to open up a discussion on egr deletion, which is only an option for an off road or track only vehicle. OK thanks guys!

    Check the egr tube off the manifold for cracks--notice on this metal tube are 2 small rubber hoses. Remove these and check the ends for cracking or holes.

    The other end of the hoses go to the DPFE sensor. Make sure it is not melted.

    THe random mis fires could be due to bad fuel.

    the speedometer sensor is on top of the rear differential. It may need to be cleaned or replaced.

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