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  1. bigred4x4

    bigred4x4 Off-road enthusiast

    October 6, 2008
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    chesapeake virginia
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    '96 xlt 4x4
    Wasnt sure where to post this on here but If anybody has experience with cb I have a question

    Ok so my old cd antenna cable got damaged so I replaced it and ran it a different route unfortunately it runs near the coil pack and I pick up signal from it in my reception. Is there any way to wrap or coat the cable with something to better insulate it from interference? And I haven't received any transmissions on the highway just scanning a few times while driving except when testing it at home with another cb 30 feet away it works great. Also the tip on my Wilson silverload is ground off (I drug the antenna once and didn't realise it until I got home because the bracket broke) so now the swr is unadjustable though it was never tuned any way. I never use it because nobody has them anymore but would like to use it for trail com and maybe to reach emergency help if need be somebody please school me on the importance of having a tuned antenna and if I'll end up damaging my radio but seems to work fine still even after all of these issues.
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