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Check Your PCM! And Related Connections

Discussion in 'Stock 1995 - 2001 Explorers' started by Banjoes, August 31, 2012.

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    May 25, 2012
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    1995 Ford Explorer XLT
    Thanks to Scotty Kilmer on YouTube for being my inspiration on making this how to for mechanical noobs like me, plus I want to thank the forum for saving a lot of money on fixing my Explorer myself-where I'm confident enough of course.

    Well I went and unplugged my PCM (after disconnecting battery) and found out it was dirty on the inside, no corrosion, just covered in dirt.[​IMG][/URL][/IMG]Anyway this is where the PCM is located on a 1995 XLT 2WD.

    First, disconnect battery:[​IMG][/URL][/IMG]

    Second, get appropiate socket wrench and loosen until the connector comes out:[​IMG][/URL] [​IMG][/IMG] DO NOT TOUCH PINS THEY MAY BE WEAK!

    Third, get some electronic cleaner: [​IMG][/URL][/IMG]

    Fourth, clean these areas:[​IMG][/URL] [​IMG][/IMG]

    Fifth disconnect and clean these areas too:[​IMG]

    reinstall in reverse order and you are done!, make sure you DRY THE PARTS FOR ABOUT A HALF HOUR BEFORE YOU PUT IT BACK TOGETHER!
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