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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by 01exsport, June 22, 2011.

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    1. 01exsport

      01exsport New Member

      July 24, 2010
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      Buffalo, NY
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      '01 Sport
      Hey all! New to the site and have a dilemma.

      I just paid off my 2001 Explorer Sport. I love the vehicle but have some problems with it. Here goes...

      Rust, I didn't take the best care of it but I really want to shine her up, lift it etc. Nothing too major but some off roading fun and I want her to look sweet. So both rear wheel well quater panels are rusted through just above the plastic. I removed the side steps do to sagging and rust plus I like the look better without them. Rear tailgate, rusted through below where it actually latches and almost on the other side, whole bottom of the tailgate.

      Transmission, I hear the tranny I have in my truck stinks and I'm starting to find that out. It has also blown a tranny line right at the radiator that I need to fix, currently I'm topping her off with fluids, it's a slow leak.

      4 Wheel drive, it's messed up (maybe transfer case?), haven't diagnosed it but it whines above 35MPH, I use it only when I need to in the winter and stay at 35 or slower.

      So with all these problems (could other cosmetics, number locks don't work, driver side window needs fixing) do I put the time and money into her...is it worth it? Or do I try to get 1000/1500 and trader her in. I like to do my own work on her but certain things are not possible, like replacing a tranny.

      Thanks for reading, I know I'm asking a lot here and don't have photos.

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    3. BrooklynBay

      BrooklynBay Moderator & long time member. Staff Member Moderator Elite Explorer

      November 11, 2005
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      Brooklyn, NY
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      88 89 93 95 96 Aerostars
      Welcome to this forum! A lot of members have purchased their vehicles with issues, but they fixed them with the information on this site.

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