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Engine for sale

Discussion in 'UK Explorer Owners Forum' started by janolsson, July 9, 2011.

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  1. janolsson

    janolsson Well-Known Member

    July 6, 2009
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    Leicester, UK
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    No Ex at the mo
    Hi there peeps

    Does anybody want to buy my spare engine before i put it on ebay next weekend.

    Background; i bought this off chrisquelch to use whilst i rebuilt my original engine. He reckoned it had about 100k on it. It served its purpose but b4 i took it out it had started to rattle.
    Once i had it out i thought its either a bit lump of scrap or i could repair it and keep it as a spare.
    It already had the updated front tensioner and the front cassette was in good order. The left cam cover has a weld on it which leads me to suspect the front chains were done bacause of the cassette going tits up. Inspected big end (these were worn on my original) and mains.
    I replaced the rear cassette, balance shaft tensioner, oil pump rotor and relief valve, new front cover gasket, new uppersump gasket, new oil pump gaskets, new front and rear oil tensioner bolts, new crank pulley bolt, new rear cassette bolt and cover.
    All reassebled according to ford manual using the otc-6488 cam timing tools.

    I spent a lot of time making sure all sealing surfaces were clean and flat and making sure the uppersump was positioned correctly.
    Basically i rebuilt it properly with the view that if i need it it will work and if i sell it i would be confident the buyer would be happy.

    Now i need to sell this to help fund my trip (banger rally across europe calais to prague) that i'm doing for macmillan. (http://jansmr2charityrally.tumblr.com)

    no ancillaries or intakes but manifolds included
    I'd be happy to let it go to a forum member for £300.

    I have photos of the build and can post the link if you need.
    Thanks for lookin
    Last edited: December 12, 2011
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