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finally got rid of my walmart system

Discussion in 'Explorer Audio & Navigation' started by Tavery1, July 11, 2011.

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  1. Tavery1

    Tavery1 Active Member

    August 27, 2009
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    Johnson City/Binghamton,NY
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    1998 XLT
    Went to my local car audio store looking for another single sub and box to add onto my system(pioneer 12in sub and sony 600w amp) Got talking to the guy who had a used dual ported box and 12in audiobahn subs(still looking to find the model of those) for $125 as we got talking I realized my amp wasn't bridgeable to 2 channel and was weak, he said he had a rough looking crunch pzi2250 amp rated at 1000w that he'd sell for $30 he pulled it out hooked it up, still hit and operated perfectly(my tuck is a little worn looking so I wasn't to caught up on looks the crunch still lights red too)

    Traded him my sub and prebuild enclosure for the amp, paid 130 for everything. Hits way harder, adjusted my hpf on my head so I have no bass in the speakers just a little more adjustment on the amp LPF and I'll be golden.

    Anyways a few questions. What should I set my LPF at? Its about halfway between lowest and highest setting, some of my songs the bass still isn't there that I know should be, just keep playing with it till i get it right?

    Is there anyway to stop the rear glass rattle? I have the subs facing sideways in my cargo area to help keep some storage space. Any other tips?

    And last but not least(this is probably my most important question) My stock head has RDS on it and an amp harness however the head didn't look like it had any pins for the wiring harness to connect to and I also have the rear storage pocket, do I have a stock amp? I don't hear a sub in that area even with my audiobahns disconnected.

    If on the chance I do have a stock amp/sub back there will I do any damage keeping it un-bipassed? How would I go about bypassing it to use my sony amp to run my stock speakers?

    I'll post a few pictures later. Thanks for all the help guys!
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