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Flushing Radiators With Pressure

Discussion in 'A/C & Heater systems - HVAC' started by ExplorerDMB, May 2, 2006.

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  1. ExplorerDMB

    ExplorerDMB Moderator/Technician Moderator Emeritus

    January 26, 2004
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    Mechanicsville, Virginia
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    2004 Acura TL
    The other day a car came in with the heater radiator blocked, so I decided to revese flush this radiator with a garden hose turned up high. It did the trick; blew all the sludge out of the radiator and the radiator started working again. Now i am thinking i should remove the large radiators and flush them this way too (you have to turn them upside down to get all the muck out thats why i recomend removal). Only thing is getting customers to pay for this better way of flushing. Hope this helps someone.

    If you do this type of flushing, with any type of flushing - replace the fluid and. If you have a gummed up cooling system, look into replacing the water pump and thermostat.

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