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For those who plan on camping for the 9/24 jersey ride

Discussion in 'Offroad 4x4 Runs Planning and Discussion' started by Mudboy, July 22, 2011.

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  1. Mudboy

    Mudboy Active Member

    July 22, 2010
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    Bellmawr NJ
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    91 ex
    As most of you know already, the ride that I'm putting together for Sep. 24th is going to end at a good freind of mines property. He was kind enough to let us do this. The land is a pristine peice of the pines with some good, water and mudholes and even some small hills. There is a huge area that is used for camping, a clean cedar creek runs right on the edge of this camping area and is perfect for swimming or bathing. 9/24 may be pretty cold to swim though. there is a few things that people have to know though.
    1) Respect the land
    2) tread lightly
    3) take out what you brought in ( there is no dumpsters or trash cans so make sure you bring trash bags).
    4) bring food, and a grill or else you will be hungry ( there is no food or drink stand)
    5) If you (or significant other) do not feel comfortable going #1 or 2 in the woods, please don't camp.
    6) It cost $20 a person (minus kids) not per vehicle. You no pay? you no stay!!
    7) this is a family based event. Respect others camping near you. If you know you are going to be loud and rowdy till the wee hours of the morning, try not to camp next to those that are trying to go to sleep at 10:00pm.
    8) Alcohol is permitted, you can damn well garuntee that I will be drinking if noone else is.
    9) No Drugs, weapons, fireworks etc.
    10) this land is blocked off from every dimension you can think of, you will not be able to get in or leave other than the locked gate that we will come in by. I'm not going to give the code out to everyone. If for some reason you must leave for an emergency, I will let you out of the gate. (#2 depository at a local restroom is not an emergency, running out of beer or ice IS and emergency.)
    11) there will be a waiver to sign covering the landowner from lawsuits. For every person they WILL sign one. If you have children that are minors you WILL sign for them.

    I will have copies of these waivers at the event, so that way your co-pilot can fill them out during the ride. This will save sometime once we get to the land. I can also scan a copy of the waiver and send it to you by email, if you leave me your email address, at this point you can mail it back to me, scan it and email it to me or fax it to me. I do not want your $20 till we get to the land. At that point I will do a head count and have people sign a sheet stating that they paid. The number of people I count will match the number of $20s that i have. This money will go directly to the landowner. I prefer getting the waivers done and out of the way. The less paperwork i have to worry about, the sooner I get to my beer. the sooner I get to my beer, the bigger my smilie gets.
    I'm looking forward to this day and looking forward to meeting all of yall.
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