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Fuel Pump Activiating due to vibrations, maybe?

Discussion in 'Stock 1991 - 1994 Explorers' started by MistahYebba, July 11, 2016.

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  1. MistahYebba

    MistahYebba Active Member

    June 29, 2015
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    Clearwater, Florida
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    2005 Ford Explorer XLT
    About 9 months ago I attempted to address an issue I noticed where, when I would punch, jiggle, etc., my power distribution box under the hood, it would seemingly cause my fuel pump to prime....

    Key did not have to be in!!

    Key did not have to even be near the freakin' car; it could be in a lake!

    If I were to give it a good whack, I swear I could hear the fuel pump "whiiiiirrrrrrrrr *click*"... just as it does.


    Nate of ExplorerForums was kind enough to send me a replacement relay and at that time, I had took out my power box, reseated the relays, give the wires a good jiggle to make sure they were tight... etc.

    After that point, I had never addressed the issue again...


    I don't think it ever really went away.......I just started ignoring it, I guess.

    Whether I am opening my trunk latch.... closing my doors.... simply walking up to my truck.... I swear, all these different things... I will randomly hear the full pump activate...

    It's almost as if it knows I am nearby, and so therefore primes the fuel pump.

    The only issue is... my fuel pump should only be priming when I turn on the electronics, am I right?

    Not when I open the doors... not when I sit my butt down on the seat.... not when I turn off the engine?

    It should not be priming just by me opening my trunk (I presume if something is loose, the vibrations of opening the heavy door might make it jiggle and activate my fuel pump?) NO IDEA..

    Anyone have any ideas on how a fuel pump might prime and make the "whiiiiiiiiiiiiir *click*" sound when the key is not even in the ignition?

    I do not want to flood my engine with gas---- when my truck runs, it runs rich and I can smell exhuast.

    I bet it is because of my fuel pump turning on at random times all the time...
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  3. trashtruck

    trashtruck Active Member

    December 31, 2015
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    capital district, ny
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    1992 explorer xlt 4x4
    ecm relay feeds power to the fuel pump relay. you can try swapping ecm with wot relay to see if that's the issue.
  4. natenkiki2004

    natenkiki2004 Blue Bomb!

    November 3, 2013
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    North Idaho
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    1991 & 1994 Explorers
    Your pump coming on will definitely not make it run rich nor flood your engine. The pump can run for hours and not put a single drop in your engine (provided you don't have malfunctioning/stuck injectors). The pumps in our vehicles circulate excess pressure back to the tank via the fuel pressure regulator. It's simply pumping out, up to the engine, back to the tank, making a big loop. No problem, except your battery may be dead when you go to start it one of these days.

    You have some fun electrical diagnosis ahead. Maybe yank the fuel pump relay out and see if you can get the pump to come on. If not then the issue is likely in the control side which should leave only the wiring between the distribution box and computer to check.

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