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  1. BLL714

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    2019 Explorer Sport
    Has anyone installed a T-Rex mesh grill overlay on a 2018 -2019 Explorer I am looking for info on the middle and lower grill overlays not the main grill but the two lower sections that are mostly open would like to find something to cover these from getting road debris in them. T-Rex site has them Part #52664 but its says they are for a 2016-2017 aren't the 2018-2019 grill sections the same size opening just a different insert. Just wondered if this would work and also since the inserts are made of steel would they affect the sensors in the grill area like the radar for the adaptive cruise or any other sensors mounted nearby. Thanks for any help.
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  3. peterk9

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    Welcome to the Forum.:wave:
    I doubt the steel grille would affect any sensors unless it was blocking them.


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