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Hazy exhaust at full throttle

Discussion in 'Stock 2011 - 2019 Ford Explorer Discussion' started by JohnBoyToo, June 12, 2017.

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  1. JohnBoyToo

    JohnBoyToo Active Member

    April 4, 2013
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    DFW, TexUS
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    13 Sport, 13 F350 6.7CCSB
    Haven't had a hiccup out of the wife's 13 Explorer Sport with 90k miles,
    but today she said she saw black smoke coming out the back when she got on the interstate...

    a few questions to decipher what she meant and it turns out she MAY have floored it while 'going slow'
    I started to ask what that meant and she said just fix it :) :)

    So I took it out this afternoon and it looks like it's a haze when at low rpm and full throttle... maybe over fueling or not getting enough air floor...

    before I go any further (because it's running fine otherwise) any of you run into that ? Probably time to change air filter and get a tuneup.... but thought I'd ask you smart fellas !
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