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Wanted Help 98 explore made a very loud bang!!!!!

Discussion in 'Transmissions & Transfer Cases' started by zack991, July 6, 2011.

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  1. zack991

    zack991 Guest

    I have a 4WD 1998 explore sport, in the past it has having a very hard time changing from 4wd back to 2wd and it would slam home HARD. When it was kept inn 2wd(auto) it works just fine. I was driving home today from work doing 55MPH and heard a horrible BOOOM. I pulled over thinking a tire had gone, I turned the truck off and checked and I saw nothing. I was able to drive home with no problems, but I remember the troubles with the 4wd in the past. I checked and sure enough, the rear differential looks like it has blown. I know the basics of a vehicle and I have changed out a few major parts but have zero clues about this. Could I take the back drive shaft out and could I use just the front wheels to drive or does this pose a safety issue? I leave in September for a deployment and just need it to work for two months.
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  3. Blee1099

    Blee1099 Evil Asian EF Vendor Moderator Emeritus

    March 3, 2002
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    Check your driveline for play.. The u-joints & the slip yoke to be specific.
  4. zack991

    zack991 Guest

    ok thanks I will, I am tearing it apart on saturday.
  5. zack991

    zack991 Guest

    I opened it up today and just got done. I replaced it with an actual gasket and High Temp silicone for a air tight seal. Who ever opened it last used a small bead of silicone only. I had a dickens of a time finding the fill plug. I put a heaver weight Oil in 85w/140. As well as a bottle of Lucas stop leak oil additive. I saw no damaged teeth or metal shavings and the gears are working perfectly. It seemed that the blown gasket was the problem. I am letting the silicone setup over the next few days to make sure we have no further leaking issues.


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