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Here's a good one!

Discussion in 'General Explorations!!' started by chaos58503, December 11, 2004.

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  1. chaos58503

    chaos58503 New Member

    December 8, 2004
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    Bismarck, North Dakota( The Cold State!)
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    2002 Eddie Bauer
    Joke for ALL!


    So a lizards walkin through the forest when he came upon a monkey in a tree smokin a joint. The lizard says" Hey, Monkey what you doin?" Monkey say "sittin in this tree smokin a joint, wanna join?" The lizard sits next to the monkey and they proceed to smoke many joints. After a while the lizard says " Man I got serious cottonmouth, I'm going to the pond for a drink!" The lizard goes to the pond for a drink. When the lizard gets there he trys to get a drink and slips into the water. A alligator is watching the whole thing and goes up to the lizard and says " Hey lizard, What the hell is wrong with you?" The lizard then Expains how he was walking through the forest, ran into a monkey in a tree smokin joints and joined him, then he got cottenmouth needed a drink and now is to ####ed up to get a drink! The alligator desides he has got to see it for himself. I mean a monkey smokin joint in a tree, come on. So, the alligator goes to inspect and finds the monkey in a tree still smokin joints and says " Hey, monkey!" The monkey looks at the alligator and says " Gees lizard how much water did you ####n drink!"
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