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Hood decal installation

Discussion in 'Modified 2011- 2019 Explorers - Tuning & Mods' started by fjc2, November 5, 2018.

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  1. fjc2

    fjc2 Elite Explorer

    December 17, 2013
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    2014 Explorer Sport
    I decided to dress up my 2014 Explorer Sport a bit, with a hood decal.

    First step was to clean the area of the hood where it was to be installed. I used some 3M Wax & Tar remover, then some alcohol.


    Having never installed such a large decal before, I did some research and watched a few youtube videos.
    I decided to use what is called the "hinge method" with a wet apply. So first I very carefully positioned the decal (both the backing paper and application tape still on), and taped the top half securely in place.


    Now, I carefully peeled the decal and application tape away from the paper backer, about half-way up the decal.


    Next step - cut away the exposed backing paper.


    Now the fun begins. I sprayed the hood and the back of the decal liberally with some soapy water (distilled water with a few drops of dish soap). Then carefully rolled the decal onto the surface, while using a little plastic squeegee to push the water and air bubbles out. I kept squeegeeing until it seemed to be adhered fair well. Also used my heat gun a little (on low) to help dry it a little bit.

    You can see the water coming out around the edges from where I used the squeegee.
    Now that the bottom half was in position and fairly adhered, I repeated the steps for the top half. Peeled it back until the rest of the backing paper could be pulled off.


    I repeated the same steps, spraying the upper half of the hood and decal with soapy water, and applying it slowly, pressing out the air bubbles and water.


    I kept squeegeeing it and running low heat from the heatgun over it until it felt semi dry to the touch. Then very carefully peeled that application tape off (almost rolling it off, you don't want to pull straight up). I really took my time peeling that up, so as not to pull up the decal; but it felt like it was already on fairly solidly. The directions say to let it dry for a good 24 hours. Voila!

    Final result:


    decal9.JPG decal10.JPG

    Decal was from Tower Decals (now ROE-graphics I believe), their gloss black. They do offer it in a matte black as well.
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    February 5, 2008
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    2018 Explorer Sport

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