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How are my pressures?

Discussion in 'A/C & Heater systems - HVAC' started by Jason94sport, August 5, 2011.

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  1. Jason94sport

    Jason94sport Well-Known Member

    April 30, 2001
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    South FL
    Year, Model & Trim Level:
    02 Sport 2WD 5 speed
    I had a nightmare of a time with my AC this week,. Was keeping R12 & that was a disaster. So I converted to r134.
    I'm getting a steady 50 PSI low & 295 HI. Vent temp is 53-55 while sitting.
    I used 3 cans of 134.
    The temps are 85+ with 80+ humidity. While driving it gets colder. The vent temp drops to around 45.
    The pressures do start out lower & then raise to these points & then stay there.

    Is this decent? I was afraid to overcharge it by adding another can of 134.
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  3. ranger7ltr

    ranger7ltr Elite Explorer

    November 17, 2001
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    Great State of Texas
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    1999 Sport
    Looking at your numbers...

    I would think you either are overcharged, got a restriction or you need some better cooling of the rad/condensor...Since you converted you should really should only see a high side of 2.3-2.7x ambient ...If your ambient is 80F then your high side should be in the 185-215 range...

    What did your orifice tube look like? Any debris on it? Is the fan clutch working? With 295 psi high side you will be replacing the compressor a lot sooner than you would want...Plus the rest of the components are under a lot more pressure and will tend to wear out or fail as well...

    I would gauge up the system and monitor the high side while running a garden hose across the condnesor...If the pressures drop significantly you need more or better cooling... If the pressures don't drop, you have a restriction somewhere in the system...

    Granted my 99 Sport is native R134a but in 105 ambient I see 175-200 psi high side with the low side varying between 25-50 psi and a constant center vent temp on fan speed #2 of 37-40 F...

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