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how did you pay for the order of 2012 XLT AWD X

Discussion in '2018 - 2019 Ford Explorer Order Status Threads' started by shakabooey, July 29, 2011.

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    1. shakabooey

      shakabooey New Member

      July 29, 2011
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      i'm currently looking to order a Ford Explorer XLT V6 4WD here in canada
      but I would like to know how much is the best price I can get it with the following options

      Medium Light Stone
      White Tri Coat-300
      Wheels 20" Polished-1200
      Leather Trimmed Heated Bucket Seat-1200
      All Weather Carpeted Fron Rear Floor Mats-100
      Reverse Camera-500

      AC Tax-100
      Employee Pricing Discount -3701
      GST 5% 2003

      based from the computation I did on my own it would amount to $42000 canadian based from 2011 XLT 4WD. it already includes the employee pricing.
      I asked around and the best deal I can get is 42,500 including fees and tax + about 1000 add-ons.

      do you think its a good deal? or I can still be able to ask lower than that quote?
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    3. calb

      calb Active Member

      July 10, 2011
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      2012 AWD Explorer Limited
      You can sign up at either Car Cost Canada or the APA and get the actual pricing, and with APA a firm quote. As I understand it, the price with the "employee pricing" apparently includes about 6% in dealer commission.

      So, you can definitely get dealer down by 3% .... and I think by 4% off that price +GST/HST if you shop the deal. You can try unhaggle.com too, but I think APA might be a better deal.

      I'd go send a nice email to a sales manager and tell them you'll buy if they can meet (40048/1.04 = $38,500 + GST5%) $40500 including GST. With markets they way the are at the moment, I suspect they'd take it.

      I'm holding out till September to see if the Costco discount comes back into play, and/or if they put out some reasonable interest rates (0% for 36 months would work Ford Canada, if you're listening). Not sure I want to tie up $50K otherwise given all the financial market ups and downs and I think there is going to be a drop in buyers for August.

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