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K&N filter **Important**

Discussion in 'Modified Explorations!!' started by Phat_Bastard, October 6, 2002.

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  1. Phat_Bastard

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    April 17, 2002
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    93 LX
    When cleaning your K&N filter after the recommended interval, ensure that you clean the filter at least 2 times. Here is what i recommend: :chug:

    1. Removal of filter and use soft bristle brush to remove some of the excess dirt and particles.

    2. Use the cleaner and let filter stand for 10 minutes then rinse filter from inside to out (opposite normal air travel through filter). I was impressed with how much debris was actually clean from the filter, but.....(next step)

    3. **Important** After rinsing the filter repeat the cleaning process. When cleaning a second time, i got which appreared to be about 50% as much debris after cleaning out the 1st time. I also made sure to get the lower and top edges of the filter.

    4. Rinse the filter thouroughly and let dry.

    5. Apply the filter oil, let dry then re-install.

    It is a good time to clean MAF if you haven't done in a while and also reset computer. I also recommend checking all fittings.

    I hadn't had my intake apart in a while and i found that I had not full inserted the fitting that attaches to the MAF.

    So this was the perfect time to adjust and retighten all clamps and also the adapter plate(4 bolts) for my K&N which i was able to tighten down a turn or two(be careful not to strip out by overtightening).

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