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LED DRL, Fog and Positioning Lights

Discussion in 'Performance Lighting' started by Querys, September 9, 2018.

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  1. Querys

    Querys Active Member

    August 22, 2018
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    2013, Explorer Limited
    Hello Members,

    to make my Ford Explorer street legal in Germany it is mandatory to have white positioning lights at the front.

    Unfortunately the Explorer doesn't support these.

    The previous owner used the side markers and placed them in the front light housing, where they will put out white light. Unfortunately this position was for LED Police flasher and the heat of the bulb melted the housing of the front light.

    My wife and me decided to use another opportunity and replaced the original Halogen Fog lights in the Bumper with LED Fog lights, including white LED positioning light and LED DRL.

    My wife made some modifications to the bracket which holds the OEM Fog light and I modified the electrics. I grabbed the “ignition on” signal for the DRL directly at the fuse box. For the positioning lights I used the side marker wiring and put an extra wiring and finally the fog light and ground signal was already at the bumper. I only cut the wiring and added a new connector.

    Attached the pictures and a video. Starting with positioning light, fog light + pos. light, DRL and finally ending with pos. light.


    I used the 90mm HELLA 1N0 011 988-011 lights and bought them on amazon

    5A38F3D2-0C86-42FF-BE33-47293AC7E35E.JPG 9237E1E9-B352-49F0-B156-FD21A7A69643.JPG IMG_7268.JPG IMG_7269.JPG IMG_7287.JPG IMG_7288.JPG
    IMG_7340.JPG IMG_7341.JPG IMG_7342.JPG IMG_7343.JPG IMG_7344.JPG

    This is the original Fog Light

    Last edited: September 9, 2018
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  3. fshskjp

    fshskjp New Member

    October 17, 2018
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    2015, 2012 F-150
    Thanks for your post. It looks great!

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