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My New, New 347

Discussion in 'Need for Speed!' started by Dono, July 26, 2018.

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    1. CDW6212R

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      June 17, 2004
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      98 Limited AWD
      Have you had a conversation with the cam designer yet? I'd let that person guide you the most towards a compression that can work well. Tell them what heads, hp(block) limits you have, the main factors etc, and rely on them to guide you to the best combo. I'd bet most would suggest a compression in the high 9's, like 9.7, but few would recommend 10:1 or more.

      Pushing the compression up does improve the all around grunt, normal driving, and limits boost which can be good for the block.

      Most people calculate compression ratio from basic specs of their parts. That ends up with an error I hear, of easily half a point off. You can do that for the parts you have, and use those for the cam designer, and deciding on tweaks during the build. Such as the head gasket, quench, head shaving, block decking etc.
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    3. Dono

      Dono V8 Limited turbo and retired SC 4.0 OHV Elite Explorer

      February 18, 2009
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      Lets review what has happened with the so called internet experts I have dealt with over the years of failures with this motor. I'm not in a hurry to blame, but these are facts.

      1. New motor goes in, it leaks from the rear main. The rear main was not installed properly, and also the cam position sensor (Distributor gear eats its self immediately).
      2. Numerous rebuilds including aluminum head/cam combo purchased from a so called expert. This turns out to be a fail as the springs were not matched to the cam. As far as I'm concerned, this is an absolute fail, and no return business will go that way.

      My opinion: These internet experts reputation precedes them and they are not really putting the attention in to the smaller guy (me) builds that they should. I went to them as I expected things to be done properly. They were not.

      To answer your question. Making power requires higher compression. period. Yes you purchase a cam that bleeds off the required compression to use with pump gas. Yes, my builder has cam selection software (That's all the so called 'pro's use anyway). My preference is to use an OTS cam if there is a profile that fits my build closely.

      This is case closed. I have proven this to myself thru my own experiences.

      There is always a possibility I will get an 'I told you so', but I am the one betting money against it. No one else.

      We will all see what this motor makes for power on an engine dyno once complete. Yes there will be losses once its in my motor with a different intake manifold, but we also know there will be a huge pickup with boost added.
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    4. vroomzoomboom

      vroomzoomboom Elite Canuck STOCK SUCKS! Elite Explorer

      January 22, 2007
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      selkirk, manitoba
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      98 supercharged 347 sport
      that and the internet "experts" will most likely wipe their hands if something goes wrong. its always better if you can walk up to someone in a shop and say "this is what i need/want. what is out there.". it also better if its in person as well because if everything goes south, you get to go back to the guy, and drag him across the counter (yes, i have done that once). the guy that is doing dons motor, i recommended him to don because he has done some work for me, and i know others that have had work done by him and swear by him. i didnt know this, but there are a few speed shops here that send their motors to him as well. a couple of them were also in drag week (one guy if you want to google is sheldon root who was doing monster wheel stands in a chevy acadian)

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