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Need Amp Advice

Discussion in 'Explorer Audio & Navigation' started by DiGiornoRisingCrust, March 13, 2019.

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  1. DiGiornoRisingCrust

    DiGiornoRisingCrust Member

    April 11, 2018
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    2007 Explorer Eddie Bauer
    After thinking my sub finally gave up, I started the search for a new one, and thought about getting a 5 channel amp. However, my sub regained life a week ago, and now I’m conflicted on what to do. After already upgrading the door speakers and the HU, my “mess around” money is a little stretched, (broke teenager) so I’d like to keep it under $400.

    Currently, I’m running a Kenwood 2din reciever, 4 Kicker CS series speakers, some dynamat knockoff in the doors, and stock sub with no amp. Do I get a new sub (it would have to fit stock enclosure, so 8” with a cubic volume of ~.5 ft) with a mono amp, or get a new sub with a 5 channel amp? My speakers are rated for 75W RMS at a sensitivity of 90dB. Currently, they are powered by the receivers built-in 20W amp, and they sound mediocre until you start cranking the volume. Obviously, I can’t do this all the time.

    If a 5 channel amp is worth, how many watts RMS do I need to get a significant advantage over stock? I can get a great deal on a 40W, and a good deal on a 60W.

    Or should I just stick with stock sub and a 4 channel amp?

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  3. CDW6212R

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    June 17, 2004
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    98 Limited AWD
    If your HU has RCA cables(it will), any good amp will be way better than the speaker outputs of the HU.

    I prefer the old old Nakamichi amps, which have virtually zero distortion(.003-.005% THD). Those of any size will make way more sound than needed for all but competition use. Find the small 2x30W PA200 amp, that one will fit in most spaces, under a seat etc. It's about $50-$100 when you find one on eBay, if it works when you get it, it may last until you sell it. I have those and a 4x35W version for my 92 Lincoln and other projects. The bigger ones like the PA300 etc, run well over $100 typically, even being 30+ years old. A lot of people know about them.

    But any kind of amp will be better than the speaker outputs(20W/ch you said).

    Here's a search to eBay for "PA 200 Nakamichi"
    PA 200 Nakamichi | eBay

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