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Need help with engine temp issue

Discussion in 'Stock 1995 - 2001 Explorers' started by JensFL, July 14, 2011.

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    1. JensFL

      JensFL New Member

      July 14, 2011
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      Ft Lauderdale, FL
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      `99 Ford Explorer,V6 SOHC
      Hi experts and new friends. :help: I`m new to this forum and i have been reading threads for over 2 hours now and at this point i am more confused to the point where i don`t even remember my name.......
      I am so thankful for this website and the wealth iof info on here. this is so awesome.

      I purchased a 1999 Ford Explorer, V6, SOHC with 92.000 miles on it a few weeks ago and since that day i have been growing hundreds of gray hair.:confused:

      There are a ton of little things wrong with it but here is the biggest problem: No matter if i just drive a few miles with stop and go city traffic or take her on a 150 mile road trip, the temp gauge is only climbing to just above "C"and it worries me.
      I replaced the thermostat a couple days ago (the one I took out was stuck and the spring and bottom plate were broken), but after replacing the thermostat it still doesn`t read normal temp.
      Today I started her in the driveway and let her sit for almost 1 hour at 95F outside temp here in Florida and it never showed above C on the temp gauge.
      I turned on the heater 5 minutes after I started the vehicle and it blows 140F.
      So, after 45+ minutes I was able to touch the radiator cap, side of the radiator and the lower radiator hose and they are just "warm" to the touch. The upper radiator hose by the Engine was hot. I got my probe thermometer out and held it to the upper rubber hose and it read 170, while the lower one shows 105. And the gauge still reads C.
      I also noticed the Radiator fluid is VERY green and I suspect it is 100% pure and not 50/50.
      I wanted to drain it tonight but the darn plastic drain plug twisted right off (of course it`s still closed) grrrr :hammer:
      Also, the fan blows normal.
      Now I`m thinking the radiator is clogged? temp gauge sensor faulty? or the new thermostat is faulty? I`m lost. What should I try first? :scratch:
      Thanks a bunch guys and girls.
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    3. RomeovilleIL

      RomeovilleIL Well-Known Member

      October 13, 2010
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      98 LTD, 00 XLT
      Is the truck running okay? There may be nothing wrong as the guages are not super accurate but if the truck sensors read a low temp the system will run rich to try to compensate. It will run a little rough with very bad milage - like under 10 mpg.

      My suspecion is you were sold a thermostat in the wrong temperature range. The OEM is 195. There are others available which fit your truck that open at as low as 160. Thankfully the thermostat isnt a horribly difficult replacement. Take the new one back and swap for a 195.

      btw - clogged radiator will overheat your truck, not super cool it.
    4. my98nnj

      my98nnj Well-Known Member

      September 27, 2008
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      Boonton, New Jersey
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      1998 XLT
      My temp gauge only goes slightly above C. Been that way since I've owned her. Good heat, and descent mpg - I don't worry about it.
      From what you describe the truck seems to be running just fine.
      You've got 140 degree heat and you can sit and idle all day long in 95 deg. heat without overheating.

      What are you worried about?

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